#Futureofwork: Building the New Energy Workforce

On June 26, I attended the #Futureofwork: Building the New Energy Workforce event at MaRS Discovery District—one of the world’s largest innovation hubs, which is located right here in Toronto. MaRS is “an entrepreneurial venture designed to bridge the gap between what people need and what governments can provide.” They focus primarily on four sectors: Energy & Environment, Finance & Commerce, Health, and Work & Learning. This event considered the connection between both Energy & Environment and Work & Learning in order to explore how the energy sector workforce is changing along with considerable changes facing the sector as a whole. Read more

Date Published: July 4, 2017
Written by: Susan Wyse
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Evaluating Community Capacity Building

Capacity building is becoming central to community energy planning. Practitioners, non-profits and governments alike are increasingly adopting strategies to develop local capacity – the ability for communities to come together, learn, deliberate, make decisions and carry out stated objectives. This blog post offers a brief overview of how such initiatives can be monitored and evaluated. Read more

Date Published: June 30, 2017
Written by: Abhi
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Toward First Principles of Community Energy Planning

First principles ensure coordination of efforts, and position for success. This blog will excavate, evaluate, and refine the ‘first principles’ of community energy planning. My insights build on the Getting to Implementation project, inspired conversations with leading practitioners, and my experience as co-chair of the City of Guelph’s energy task force. Read more

Date Published: June 23, 2017
Written by: Kirby Calvert
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A Peek into Generation Capacity Factors

Power plants seldom run at full capacity. The ratio of electrical energy output over a period of time to the maximum possible electric energy output over the same time period is called ‘capacity factor’. Using data from IESO, this visualization shows you how the avg. capacity factor of electricity generators can vary by source, season and time. Read more

Date Published: April 5, 2017
Written by: Abhi
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